Information about the process


In order to provide you with the best diagnosis and treatment options available, Ammar and his team will need you to confidentially share:

  • Anything that has affected the health and that of your parents and siblings
  • Information about your previous illnesses, allergies, sexually transmitted infections, surgery and pregnancies
  • If you take a contraceptive and which one
  • How often, how heavy and for how long you have your periods, when your last period was and if you have any bleeding or spotting between periods
  • If you experience vaginal discharge, bleeding after intercourse, pelvic or unusual pain
  • If you have difficulty holding in your urine
  • If you have had urinary tract or kidney infections
  • Any other concerns and questions you may have about your body and any changes you are experiencing
  • If you have any cultural or religious beliefs surrounding assessment and treatment (so your wishes can be respected).

Dr Ammar Al-Abid - process


As a result of your conversation, Dr Al-Abid may need to examine parts of your body during a pelvic exam. He will always get your consent prior to any investigation and explain what is being done and why at all times.

Every doctor is required to have a nurse in the room during the exam and you are welcome to have a support person present. Remember, you have the right to a safe environment where you control what happens to you.

If you have your period at the time of your appointment and tests are needed, you may need to reschedule as bleeding can make it difficult to perform and affect the accuracy of results.

After that you will have an extensive examination of your abdomen and pelvis.

Using a speculum, Dr Al Abid will perform a visual examination of the vulva, vagina and cervix which is similar to a smear procedure. During this time he will be looking for anything abnormal, swabs of the vagina may be taken at this stage. He may also perform a digital vaginal examination and an ultrasound examination.


Doctor Al-Abid will tell you right away if anything is found during the exam, before proposing and scheduling a course of medicinal and/or lifestyle treatment. Each woman is unique, and Ammar and his team will ensure that you are an active participant in your care plan.