Menopause is a gradual process during a woman’s later life when her ovaries produce less oestrogen, stop releasing eggs, periods stop and she is no longer able to become pregnant. Completely natural, during this transition decreasing hormones can cause symptoms ranging from mild to severe and including hot or cold flushes, night sweats, emotional swings, insomnia, depression, memory problems or vaginal dryness.  There are multiple medical and lifestyle treatments to reduce and effectively manage the noticeable and uncomfortable changes associated with menopause.

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“Dr Ammar Al-Abid has been attending to my urological needs for a number of years now and I always find him to be punctual, kindly and very professional in his work.  He explains what he is about to do in terms that are understandable and is compassionate in his attitude.  I have no hesitation or reservations in recommending him to others.”

“Dr. Ammar is a charismatic, confident and highly intelligent professional Dr. He is efficient and straight to the point.  I am still to this day overwhelmed with gratefulness by the compassionate care of the whole team that worked with Dr. Ammar who delivered my daughter Bella, who is now 3.”

“Ammar has delivered both my children, and I couldn’t recommend him highly enough. I love his no-nonsense approach, he doesn’t take any unnecessary risks and I felt incredibly safe in his care. If I choose to have a third, I’ll be going with him.”